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by Bruce Munro

This book illustrates the artist and designer’s career from his first ephemeral, outdoor “Field of Light” in Long Knoll Field, Wiltshire, to the the artist’s exhibitions at Eden Project, V&A, Holbourne Museum, Salisbury Cathedral, and Waddesdon Manor, and includes his many of his most recent U.S. exhibitions (more)


by Dr. Brian Flynn

We all want explanations for the seemingly unexplainable. Is it luck, intuition or a higherpower? Fishermen around the worldseem to hold secrets to the success or failure of the catch. This book highlights some of the superstitions handed down through generations of commercial fishing families. ... more


By Carole Bennett

It is difficult watching your loved one begin or continue down the destructive road of addiction. You are hopeful as promises for recovery are attempted, only to be broken time and time again. You can’t help question if this is your fault and what you did or didn’t do. You realize that ultimately you are helpless and can’t fix the problem, which truly breaks your heart. Loving an alcoholic/addict is often confusing, unsettling and disheartening. In Carole Bennett’s second book, ... more 



by Holly Lomelino

Being a mom is a hard and messy job. Overworked and underpaid, it can be difficult to remember what a gift it is to be a mom. Yet despite its many challenges, God gives us a multitude of grace, aka gifts, as we journey through motherhood. Mom Grace is a sampling of those gifts. Meant to inspire, encourage, and challenge you in your motherhood, Mom Grace is about growing in new perspectives. It is about learning how to recognize the many blessings and gifts God gives us as moms, and to give thanks for them even in the midst of the chaos and difficulties.f ... more

Jesus Burgers 2

by Jason Lomelino and The IV Church Family

“I see today’s generation—those of our church and those we reach out to in our community—as hungry for family, community, and life together,” says author Jason Lomelino. 

  In our second volume of testimonies from the Jesus Burgers ministry, we share the stories of twenty-seven lives transformed by the power of Jesus. These individuals have become catalysts of change in the college town of Isla Vista, California. Their transformative experiences have caused a ripple effect that goes beyond the square-mile party town.... more


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