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by Bruce Munro

Includes 210 stunning color images of the inspired works of British artist Bruce Munro. This book illustrates the artist's career from his first outdoor "Field of Light" to his most recent exhibition at Cheekwood Botanical Garden in Nashville, Tennessee...more


By Page O'Brien Jasinski
Illustrations by Peggy Lindt

Julia and her brother Jojo are frisky and fun-loving Labrador pups who love to play golf. Alas, Julia has lost her Magic Putter and cannot find it anywhere! Whatever will she do without her Magic Putter? Join Julia and Jojo and all of their golf-loving friends who help on this quest to find Julia’s Magic Putter. Enjoy this heartwarming tale as Julia’s search leads her to the timeless truth that her magic lies within her... more


by Dr. Brian Flynn

"The Voices of Stones" is a unique and compelling journey. In the mix of inspiring text and fine photography, Dr. Flynn again is able to communicate the powerful lessons learned in his many years as a trauma psychologist ... more


by Marcy Luikart

"River Braids" weaves together three stories—Sonny's modern-day journey, Joseph Barton's 1904 recollections, and Annie's personal feelings—to chronicle the 100-year history of the Barton clan. Sonny realizes the importance of his heritage as a descendent of a proud Native American line and as the latest link in a generations-long bond with the Mississippi River itself ... more


by Jason Lomelino

“I see today’s generation—those of our church and those we reach out to in our community—as hungry for family, community, and life together,” says author Jason Lomelino. 

For over a decade, Pastor Jason Lomelino has led a family of believers, mostly college students and young adults under the age of thirty. Isla Vista Church is located in an infamous party town adjacent to the University of California, Santa Barbara ... more


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