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Successful self-publishing is possible—with the right plan.

Successful self-publishing is possible—with the right plan. By Greg Sharp I first saw digital print on demand in 1989 at a trade show in Los Angeles. The setup looked very different from what we see today; however, even then I could see its enormous promise. They promoted it as a way for publishers to keep their titles in print forever. Back then a publisher would stop selling...

Explore the Different Options of Book Publishing

*Explore the different options of book publishing today* *E-Books* Kindle[] Smashwords[] *Print on Demand* Createspace[] Lightning Source[] *Creative Solutions* Fiverr[] Freelancer[] *Crowd Funding* Explanation[] Kickstarter[] Indegogo[]

Traditional Verses Digital Printing Productions

Traditional Book Production: *Digital book Production*

Audio Discussion with Sea Hill President – Greg Sharp

Audio interview with company president, Greg Sharp, discussing the book publishing process:

How To Publish a Book

Download this informative document that highlights the stages of book production: *CLICK HERE*[]

Smart Planning: The Reality of Book Distribution

*This article provides a realistic look into what book distributors do, how they profit, and better options for the author who is publishing a book.*   Congratulations!  After a long journey of book edits and re-edits, you have perfected a new book ready to print.  Now, as its publisher and number one proprietor, you have two primary concerns for your efforts: to get the book read by others...
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