Copyright Protection

All of our works are copyright protected to our authors. All writing and /or artwork remains the intellectual property of the writer/artist or the writer/artist’s estate for 70 years after death. In all cases, permission to use any Sea Hill Press work must be obtained from the copyright owner in advance. An additional fee may be charged.

Please note if you take a photograph of an artist’s work, that does not grant you commercial rights to sell that work, nor does it remove the artist’s original copyright. The artist owns the intellectual property of that work. Commercial use of an artist’s image without the express permission of that artist is a breach of international copyright law.

Please contact us to discuss how you wish to use any text or images produced by any Sea Hill Press author or artist.

It is the responsibility of the petitioner to request permission before a reproduction of any such work or content is made. If permission is not obtained you will be infringing on the owner’s copyright.

Permission to reproduce any of the images by any of the artists represented by Sea Hill Press Inc and any other rights holders must be obtained before any copies are made.

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