Sea Hill Press took the role as project manager for the development of this title, “If Love Hurts.” Working with key staff on the executive board of the Santa Barbara-based Domestic Violence Solutions, Greg Sharp, director of Sea Hill Press, took the lead role. He worked with volunteers to establish the flow of content into their editing team and to reach agreement on overall cover and text design. Once completed by this wonderful group, our staff implemented the design and layout and printed the book digitally.

This project is a great example of community unity and team spirit. It is also an excellent example of when digital print production is best utilized. With a tight budget and unknown expectations for demand, a reduced first print run allowed this organization to develop and test this book concept. Digital printing allows additional copies to be produced on demand and as needed.

“Sea Hill Press’s expert team helped our team of writers and designers publish a high-quality book, honoring our unique purpose. The expert knowledge and guidance provided by Greg Sharp and his team exceeded our highest expectations in project management, team direction, and design. Kudos to Sea Hill Press!”
—Erin J. Neil, President, Board of Directors, 
Domestic Violence Solutions of Santa Barbara County
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