The owner of In the Beginning, Seattle, Washington, has written numerous quilting books, designs her own line of fabrics, and founded one of the West Coast’s biggest quilting stores “In the Beginning.” Sea Hill Press was approached to package several “how-to” quilting books for their company, with the objective of reaching a broader audience with their quilt and fabric designs. The owner was already a recognized creative specialist in the industry and had a vision for her future projects. She needed those ideas executed into page-design and print. Our staff organized and managed that vision and delivered highly marketable products.
Our contracted industry technical editor worked closely with their authors on maintaining the integrity of the books’ content and style. Our art director worked on developing the overall design and layout of the books. Once agreement on layout was complete, illustrations showing quilting plans began. We contracted a technical illustrator who also specialized in this field and coordinated all aspects with our client. The collaboration of these different industry professionals was managed and executed in our central studio. The studio also coordinated the overall production schedule, printing, and delivery of the books. One of our preferred international printers, specializing in high-quality book production, was contracted for printing and binding. Due to our long-standing relationships with different international printers we have established easy production paths for such jobs resulting in exceptional quality and service.
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