As a print management client, Kele Publishing has utilized the centralized production hub of Sea Hill Press. Our staff worked one-on-one with Kele’s team to establish the specifications required for print production. Once specifications were established, pricing was determined using suitable printers from our pool. With the bids finalized, Sea Hill Press oversaw all the production steps including co-ordination of PDFs from designer to printer, proofing, printing, binding, and delivery. The three books featured, “Winning The Battle Within,” “Parent Driven Schools,” and “Takin’ Over,” were placed with different printers based on the specific needs and specifications of each job

The staff at Sea Hill Press have introduced a new level of printing & publishing knowledge to our business. Greg Sharp’s personal involvement in our business has been great.  As a result we are now focused on what we do well, now leaving him and his team to manage the printing process. This has saved us time and valuable capital.”

—Michael Bowker, Publisher
Kele Publishing

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