Best of Taste was a media partnership formed to create a television series and merchandising. This consisted of a companion book and series distribution to utilize other merchandising opportunities around the celebrated Pacific Northwest chef John Sarich. John had been involved in an earlier series and was interested in being part of a specific series that would highlight food and wine flavors of Washington, Oregon, and California. As the media partner in this venture, our role encompassed the management of various processes.
The first functions of Sea Hill Press were brand building and book creation. Working directly with the filming partners and the chef, brand guidelines were established that included an outline for the series and companion book. Once agreement was reached and content was finalized, our staff editor lead the overall editorial creation and managed for content consistencies. A comprehensive photo shoot was organized by our art director to highlight specific food shots that were chosen by the author to represent the recipes in the book. A stylist and a photographer, both specialized in the art of food, were brought in to complete the team. Working with our project manager and the chef, this team set about creating the imagery needed to support the book and series. At the completion of this stage the book was ready for page layout and the final production required for print. In-house staff managed the layout and international print management. The book was contracted for printing from our preferred book provider network and manufactured directly in Hong Kong.
Sea Hill Press further supported the partnership through sponsorship development and management, domestic and international program distribution, key client management, general partnership management, and book sales and distribution (through minor and major book distributors and wholesalers, including Ingram, Baker and Taylor, and mass merchants including Costco).
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