Gonzaga University Anniversary Book Set

“Our decision to go with Sea Hill Press has only continued to be reinforced.”
—Dale Goodwin, Marketing & Communications Director, Gonzaga University
The University and Its People
“Celebrating Gonzaga” tells the stories of people and events that spawned an extraordinary collegiate experience, and brought Gonzaga to national prominence. Why did the Jesuits come to Spokane? How were women received on a once all-male campus? Where will Gonzaga’s vision lead? This beautifully depicted book, written by local author Michael Schmeltzer, often delves below the surface to tell the most compelling tales about Gonzaga lore.
School of Law, The First 100 Years
This is the school’s first compilation of the School of Law history – from a night school without a home to skyrocketing enrollment and constant evolution to meet the needs of an ever-changing community. Meet the creators and the characters who led the Law School to national prominence. Written by Spokane’s Dan Webster, this book is being published in conjunction with the Law School’s centennial celebration.
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Sea Hill Press published this two book set featuring Gonzaga University and the School of Law history.
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