Letter Arts Review is an international quarterly magazine that focuses on the art and design of original lettering. It covers calligraphy, typeface design, custom lettering—both digital and analog—sign painting, letter carving, asemic writing, the book arts, and text-based art. While its main focus is on the Roman alphabet, it also covers developments in Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, and other world writing systems. It promotes the work of contemporary lettering artists and also explores the rich history of world writing as an art form. Letter Arts Review has been published continuously since 1982 and has a global readership.

Past issues are available as single issues.

Letter Arts Review
Issue 35.2
Pub Date: September 2021
USA $22.50 (USD)
Letter Arts Review
Issue 35.3
Pub Date: December 2021 
USA $22.50 (USD)
Annual Juried Edition
Issue 35.4
Pub Date: March 2022
USA $22.50 (USD)
ISSUE 36.1

USA $22.50

ISSUE 36.2

USA $22.50

ISSUE 36.3

USA $22.50

Testimonials for Letter Arts Review
For more than 30 years, I have always been looking forward to receiving the next issue of Letter Arts Review in the mail. It tries to represent what is going on in the calligraphy and lettering field today, not just from an American point of view, but whenever possible in quite a global way. The Annual Juried Issue gives every calligrapher a chance to publish his/her work and reflects current tendencies in the lettering arts very well. Thank you for putting in all the effort and offering the calligraphy and lettering community such a high quality, powerful publication.
—Lieve Cornil, European Lettering Institute, Belgium

Letter Arts Review is by far the leading publication for showcasing the best calligraphy and hand lettering from around the world. Each issue is always inspiring and innovative.

—Kevin Horvath, Lettering World, Kansas

This is the one subscription that is a must for me as it’s the only international lettering and calligraphy journal that deals with the subject area at consistent depth. Its Annual Juried Issue also gives me a feel for what is happening currently in the field. Letter Arts Review is always challenging, always engaging. I am happy to be part of the Letter Arts Review community!
—Ewan Clayton, England

Letter Arts Review is an indispensable magazine for me to learn about the perspectives and approaches of various lettering artists, past and present. Subscribing to this magazine makes me realize that I am one of the members making up this community.
—Hiroko Shimizu, Japan

I rely on Letter Arts Review to keep me up to date on what’s going on in the worldwide letter arts community. The well-researched and written articles and high quality images are essential to keeping me inspired and informed. I especially look forward to the Annual Juried Issue every year to see what artists are creating with letters and letterforms. I am a better artist and teacher because of Letter Arts Review.
—Mike Gold, Ohio

A world without Letter Arts Review? Yikes! So glad to welcome back this essential publication. How could a serious lettering artist live without it?
—Carl Rohrs, California

If you want to know what is happening in and around calligraphy and lettering internationally today, Letter Arts Review is in a class of its own.
—Tom Perkins and Gaynor Goffe, England

My subscription to Letter Arts Review started at the beginning of my calligraphy journey in January 2000. Its articles are educated, informative, creative and thoughtful. And the images are beautiful. The Annual Juried Issues have been a great resource for me to see what is happening in the letter arts field.
—Yukimi Annand, California