Womansong — Balance & Harmony in the Feminine Key – Ebook


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204 pages
Color illustrations

Womansong is a timeless book filled with inspirations drawn from life’s experience,both the sunshine and the rain. It crosses generational borders, surpasses cultural differences, and addresses the common challenges of women. Womansong shows busy women that they can find the time and the way to be themselves. This series of reflections about modern womanhood discusses how a woman can find a measure of equilibrium while fulfilling the multiple roles of being daughter, friend, lover, wife, homemaker, mother, and worker.

Over thirty original watercolor artworks with sumi brush calligraphy of nourishing and inspiring verse

About the Author

Gwen Suesse earned a BA in Music from Wagner College and an MAT from Harvard University. She is a certified teacher, experienced choral conductor, seasoned speaker, presenter, and workshop facilitator. Gwen lives in Tryon, North Carolina.

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