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Sea Hill Press assisted Preemie World to finalize a handbook the company wished to publish that would serve as a parents’ guide to understanding the steps and stages from birth through exiting the NICU. Our staff joined the project after branding and layout decisions had been made. Our task was to format layout with text, images, and screened boxes that would highlight the author’s comments.

Working closely with our partners in Asia, we established a production path that allowed the Preemie World to produce a first print run that met production budgets and also allowed for future digital production should that be required.

During this process, we also drew together different partners to resolve some earlier brand decisions that would impact the quality of the final job if they were not resolved. One of these was to convert the green band that bled off all sides of the printed pages. This is an attractive design element; however, due to the amount of ink required to print a solid color of this nature, and the probable color variation that can be experienced during a smaller print run of a 4-color book, the file was converted to print 4-color process with the green band running as a fifth color (called a PMS color). The fifth color was then specially mixed to match the green border. The final result was a consistent and balanced look to all pages.

“We cannot recommend Sea Hill Press highly enough. 
We could go on and on … but suffice it to say, they are perfectionists, they are good to their word, they will handle your project with love and care.”

—Nicole Conn & Deb Discenza – Preemie  

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