​Letter Arts Review is an international quarterly magazine that focuses on the art and design of original lettering. It covers calligraphy, typeface design, custom lettering—both digital and analog—sign painting, letter carving, asemic writing, the book arts, and text-based art. While its main focus is on the Roman alphabet, it also covers developments in Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, and other world writing systems. It promotes the work of contemporary lettering artists and also explores the rich history of world writing as an art form. Letter Arts Review has been published continuously since 1982 and has a global readership.
You are invited to discover the world of Letter Arts Review. Internationally recognized as the preeminent magazine for calligraphers and lettering artists, the award-winning quarterly journal will acquaint you with today’s fresh and innovative leaders as well as yesterday’s legends.


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Current Mailing Schedule

Issue: 37.4. MARCH 2024
Issue:38.1 JUNE 2024
Issue: 38.2 SEPT 2024
Issue: 38.3 DECEMBER 2024
Issue: 38.4 MARCH 2025

The Next issue of Letter Arts Review (Issue 38.1 ) ships in June 2024.

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