Letter Arts Review: Christopher Calderhead Editor and Designer

A letter from Christopher Calderhead (August 2021):

This spring, after we published the Annual Juried Issue, John Neal stepped down from his role as publisher of Letter Arts Review. The magazine, which was founded in 1982, was under his leadership for two decades. We took a pause in our schedule, and the future of Letters Arts Review was deeply uncertain. Now I am pleased to announce that Greg Sharp of Sea Hill Press is taking over as publisher of the magazine. I will continue as the editor.

We are resuming production, and our next issue is scheduled to be mailed to subscribers late this fall. We will also be sending out a call for entries for the next Annual Juried Issue very soon. 

I hope you will celebrate this good news and renew your subscription today! Subscriptions can be made through the new Letter Arts Review subscription page on the Sea Hill Press website. Click here to be taken directly to the page or paste letterartsreview.org into your browser.

Letter Arts Review is dedicated to covering letter arts from all over the world and through history. We feature articles about all aspects of the letter-making process. But the core of the magazine is the work of contemporary lettering artists. Letter Arts Review will continue to be a valuable forum to show the best work we can find from around the globe. I would love to hear from you if you have ideas for articles or have thoughts about areas that Letter Arts Review could cover: calderhead123@gmail.com

I’ll finish by sharing remarks that Ewan Clayton sent to me:
This is the one subscription that is a must for me as it’s the only international lettering and calligraphy journal that deals with the subject area at consistent depth. Its Annual Juried Issue also gives me a feel for what is happening currently in the field. Letter Arts Review is always challenging, always engaging. I am happy to be part of the Letter Arts Review community!

I hope you will choose to join us as we go forward and will continue to be part of the vital lettering community that is Letter Arts Review.
Christopher Calderhead
Editor and Designer, Letter Arts Review

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