In The Palm of His Hand


The Redemption of Sonny Rocco

Author: Frank J. Antonucci.

Sea Hill Press

Pub date: April 1, 2021


ISBN: 978-01-937720-57-5

In The Palm of His Hand
The Redemption of Sonny Rocco
ISBN: 978-01-937720-57-5

Rocky grows up in his father’s shadow, wanting to be like his old man one day, but not knowing the true story behind his father’s associations. When Rocky discovers cash and drugs in his father’s Cadillac, he begins to question whether his father only delivers Stroh’s beer by truck. Rocky wants to know his father’s hidden source of income, but soon tragedy hits the family.

Still living in Detroit, Rocky works his way into a life of crime, following in his deceased father’s footsteps as a member of the Cacuzzo crime family. Determined to be smarter and richer than his father, Rocky begins beating the system as an adolescent. He opens an automotive chop shop while still in high school. Identifying himself as Sonny Rocco, he’s on the fast track to becoming a self-made man.

Rocky’s mother tries repeatedly to convince him to turn to God. Rocky mocks both his mom, Linda, and his young bother, Tulio. Tragedy hits home again when news comes about Tulio. Sorrow moves Linda to deepen her faith in Jesus and drives Rocky to question his life of crime.

Rocky uses his stash of money to buy a house in Miami for himself and his mother, and to set up a new life away from the shadow of the Cacuzzo syndicate. However, his beautiful new life with a new family is shattered when his past associates ask for one more favor. In one night, Rocky’s life is changed forever, leading him to seek redemption.


“An addictive family journey that dances along the fine line between Greed and Redemption . . . Underneath all that tomato sauce, you’ll find a true American timepiece that touches the soul!”
—Bill Sass, President, Bearolina Films

“Antonucci masterfully weaves the treads of good and evil within a multi-generational Sicilian immigrant family played out in the life of one man caught between two conflicting rules of law.”
Joyce Chapin Hirsch, PhD—Elizabeth Mears and House Jameson Professor of Psychiatry, Comparative Medicine, and Neuroscience, Yale School of Medicine

“Lively story, reminiscent of growing up as an Italian immigrant in Detroit in the sixties, that weaves in the powerful message of God’s love and redemption for ALL.”

Dr. Kathleen Szuminski—Assistant Superintendent,
Eaton Regional Education Service Agency

“A riveting story of Italian-American family, . . . mesmerizing and memorable!”
—Suzanne Nye, Educator

“Reading it now Frank…really enjoy getting to know the Geordano family and the character Rocky/Sonny.”
—Marie Hulzier

“I finished it today, awesome job, couldn’t put the book down.”
 —James Cupilary

 I finished your book today. All I can say is wow! Well done sir!
—Kathy Gilmore 

“Enjoyed the read.  Definitely kept my interest.”
—Joseph G Sayers

“I’m halfway through your new book, In the palm of his hand. Wow is this good!!!!!”
—John Winter

“Hi friends I just finished reading this book. I feel that book had a lot of my life and family times that I related to in my youth. But as we all know sooner or later we mature hopefully and come to our senses and find God in our lives. I HIGHLY Recommend you get this book it’s well worth it.”
—William Leto Sr.

 “Loved it, couldn’t put it down.”
Carolyn Stevens

“It made me feel and think about things that I have done. I believe in  God but I don’t go to church because me and my wife just aren’t sure of our catholic up bringing. There are so many things I don’t like but it doesn’t mean that I don’t believe just confused. It really made me think more about it.”
—Al Pagano

“ In The Palm Of His Hand tells the story of a young Italian boy named Rocky who was born to be a leader. His Mother was a fine Christian his father was not a believer. Rocky’s Mother encouraged him in the ways of the Lord, but he thought he knew better. The book takes us through Rocky life the good the bad and the price one pays for their actions. It’s a story I encourage you to read to the end.”
—Douglas Broquet 

“Outstanding book Frank I finished it this morning I laughed and I cried.”
—Joseph Tabbi

“I started mine last night, a chapter in ! It is great. Brings back memories of dipping the bread in my Mom’s spaghetti sauce and her yelling to everyone “stay out of the sauce” and we’re not going to have enough and more Italian traditions.”
—Sandy Cerviono Ridel

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