The Nameless and Faceless Generation

This book is written to re-introduce a prophetic vision of an unparalleled outpouring of God’s grace on a world, resulting in salvations, signs, and wonders on a scale never seen before. It is a vision centered on the person of God the Father.  It is a vision rooted in the Gospel of the Kingdom.  It is written to stir us to faith, give us practical encouragement to prepare for that season, and embrace God’s view of who He says we are.


About The Author

Robert K. Towery was saved at the tail end of the Jesus Movement in 1979. Robert developed a heart for the nations, then he encountered the Holy Spirit that the Vineyard movement introduced in 1982. Robert has been involved in an evangelistic healing ministry on the streets and in the church since that time. Discipled by Fuller Seminary PhDs, pastors, and missionaries, Robert Towery and his wife, Madeleine, have served as overseers in the body of Christ for three decades. As the Great Apostle Paul declared in 2 Corinthians 6:9 “known yet regarded as unknown”; and yet full, they have served well: having associations with the Vineyard, HROCK Church, Bethel
Church, Iris Ministries, and the International Association of Healing Rooms.

“. . . I believe Robert’s book reseeds Paul’s vision into today, giving voice once again to this prophetic word.”
—Rick Taylor; International Healing Rooms, Director North America

“. . . For many years I have dreamed of seeing the fulfillment of Paul Cain’s vision of stadiums filled with nameless and faceless. . . . Wherever I go as I travel the world, prophets are speaking a similar word indicating it is time. . . . This book unfolds the glorious vision that Paul Cain saw. As you read you will be swept up into the dream . . .”
—Lou Engle; Co-founder, The Call

“. . . You will be greatly encouraged as you read Robert’s book and as he unwraps Paul’s prophetic word line by line.  I was there when Paul brought it forth in 1989, and never in my life have I believed it a more timely word, for such a time as this.”
—Julie Meyer; Santa Maria Healing Rooms House Of Prayer

“I wholeheartedly endorse the book . . . it encourages each of us to be equipped and be the builders of the structure. . . . If this book inspires one person to become who God intended them to be, then it was worth publishing. Why not let it be you?”
—Mel Tari; Author, Like a Mighty Wind

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