Jesus Take the Wheel


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6″ x 9″
252 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1545323168
ISBN-10: 154532316X


Harriet, the oldest of fourteen children in a Catholic family, grew up in the idyllic town of Santa Barbara, California. At her first high school sophomore dance, Harriet met her one and only, Chuck Roberts, and fell in love at first sight. After four children and forty-four happy years of marriage, they were shaken to the core by the diagnosis of Chuck’s stomach cancer. From that day on, Harriet found solace in writing nightly emails. Recounting the efforts and effects on her family, Ruby was able to release each day’s events in order to gather strength to face the next battle. This is the story of those five months.

“Harriet ‘Ruby’ Roberts has shown in vivid colors cancer’s merciless path.”
Sondra Briggs—Staff contributor, Ventura County and Coast Reporter

“Made me feel like I was in the living room, the kitchen, and the doctor’s office.”
Elizabeth Strittmatter — Catholic Charities, Fort Worth, TX

“I sit in awe and gratitude today, and in a puddle of love tears. I am rejoicing because I built a tough armor around my heart . . . Today it lifted.”
Christina Roberts Enneking

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