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All four books in the set

Author: Dr. Marc Crail
Sea Hill Press
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Four Book Set
All the Tales out of School
Books One, Two, Three, and Four
Author: Dr. Marc Crail

Enjoy Marc Crail’s  Tales out of School and his newest book, More Tales out of School

Tales out of School
ISBN: 978-1-937720-63-6
Marc Robertson was a confused elementary education major scheduled to graduate from Kent State University. When the May 4, 1970, campus shootings shattered the nation and the world, Marc struggled to land a teaching job. Through a stroke of good luck, he was offered a temporary position teaching sixth grade at Walnut Creek Elementary School in the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country. Despite culture shock and a string of rookie mistakes, he makes a go of his opportunity. Luckily, Marc finds a network of support from his boss as well as his colleagues. He is also able to form strong bonds with his students and their parents, who look past his foibles and insecurities.

Ultimately, he finds his footing and settles into his chosen career and his uniquely wonderful new town.

More Tales out of School
ISBN: 978-1-937720-64-3

Marc Crail’s More Tales out of School continues where Tales out of School left off. Marc Robertson has found success after five years as an elementary school teacher in rural Holmes County, Ohio. He has come to thrive and enjoy his adopted hometown and the cast of characters who populate it. Happily married with a daughter and another baby on the way, he is stunned when the opportunity to become a principal falls in his lap.

Marc battles his own insecurities and dives headfirst into his new role. Luckily for him, he is surrounded by teachers, staff, and parents who believe in him and are willing to give their young leader the chance of a lifetime.|He slowly gains his footing, and with hard work as well as some fortunate breaks, Marc is able to make progress in his quest to make his already good school into an even better place for learning and teaching.

Super Tales out of School
ISBN: 978-1-937720-65-0

Marc Crail’s Super Tales out of School continues where  More Tales out of School left off. In this, the third book of the Crail tales series, Super Tales Out of School,  experience the challenges of educator Marc Robertson’s growth as a school superintendent.

Wild Tales out of School
ISBN: 978-1-937720-74-2

Marc Crail’s Wild Tales out of School continues where Super Tales out of School left off. Marc Robertson now a  retired teacher in moves to Florida. Faced with new challenges he starts a new life working at a theme park and faces a new life as an educator.

Tales out of School and More Tales out of School are the first and second books in a four-book series written by Mark Crail and published by Sea Hill Press.


Dr. Marc Crail enjoyed a thirty-five-year career as a teacher, principal, and school superintendent in northern Ohio. Marc graduated from the University of Akron Magna Cum Laude in 1974 and began teaching at Wayne Elementary in Wooster, Ohio. In 1990, he became superintendent of Richmond Heights Local Schools, just west of Cleveland in Cuyahoga County. In 1993, Marc moved on to head the Kent City Schools in Portage County, Ohio, where he stayed for over thirteen years.

Marc taught as part of the adjunct faculty for Kent State University and was a member of the Goodyear Educational Leadership Network. He also chaired the Portage County United Way Board and served on the Boy Scout Council Board.

In October of 2007, Marc retired from public education. He and his wife, Jayn, moved to Mount Dora, Florida, and they both joined the Animals, Science and the Environment education team at Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom where they have worked for over thirteen years. Marc has been an Interpretive Naturalist for ten years for the Lake County Florida Water Authority. He is currently serving his third term on the Mount Dora City Council in Florida.

Jayn and Marc have been married for forty-six years and have two sons, Jon and Dan, two amazing daughters-in-law, and two granddaughters.


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