The Second Coming of Carrie Rogers


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6″ x 9″
152 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1545294550
ISBN-10: 1545294550
Fiction / General


For most of her life, Carrie Rogers has measured her worth by what everyone expected of her. She had a mental checklist: dutiful daughter, faithful wife, adoring mother, responsible employee . . . She did it all and did it well.
Now, at forty-three, with her marriage shattered, she’s done her stint as the good girl. Now she has her shot at bringing her dreams to reality and will go to any length to make this new life begin.

Her ex-husband may want to crush her dreams, but with a sharp and wise-cracking girlfriend like Mary Beth Fina at her side and welcome support from an
unexpected source, no one is going to extinguish Carrie’s academic dreams.

Follow the twists and turns in Barbara Keating’s first novel and witness the second coming of Carrie Rogers.

“Carrie’s triumph in life is everywoman’s story. A great read.”
—Harriet Ruby Roberts—Author of Jesus Take the Wheel

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