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Editing: The standard of excellence

We provide expert editorial work on academic, business, ESL, fiction, and nonfiction writing.

  • Book analysis and writing guidance
  • Substantive content editing
  • Line editing for style, grammar, mechanics, and punctuation
  • Light, medium, or heavy copyediting
  • Checking for style adherence
  • Proofreading
  • Pre-press and pre-production review

“We now have a couple of great books. Our decision to go with Sea Hill Press has consistently been reinforced.”

—Dale Goodwin, Director of Publications, Gonzaga University

Sea Hill Press is the place to turn when you’re unsure about the readiness of your current book manuscript, have been told your book needs an experienced editor, or would like a guide to shepherd you through the publishing process. When you have a need for full manuscript copyediting and proofreading to be done in anticipation of publishing, you can turn to us with confidence.

All too often at this stage of the writing process, an author can get bogged down in a state of “analysis paralysis,” which can lead to a book concept or manuscript gathering dust for weeks, months, or even years. At Sea Hill Press our book editors understand what you’re going through, and we are here to help you at any stage of your book-editing process. Our editors are top notch, with years of experience and industry know-how.

“I just read the whole thing — it’s beautiful!
I am so excited about the work you are doing.
I love my book …”

—Sandra Newman: Author, “Life & Times on Pleasant Pond”

We appreciate how critical the book-editing phase is, and we put forth our best efforts to ensure you have a book that says what you need it to say, reads well, and is 100 percent ready for the marketplace. You wouldn’t have it any other way, and neither would we.

Sea Hill Press can work with you to produce a polished manuscript.


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