Design: The heart of our creative process

Your cover is a reflection of the vision you have for your book. One of our most important jobs is to develop that vision and add the elements that will tell your story.
“ I must say publishing with Sea Hill Press has been a most enjoyable experience. You walked me through every phase of the process. In my experience in the publishing arena, your company was by far the most complete from start to finish. I hope to do more business in the future and look forward to your guidance!”
— TD Sears– Author
You probably imagined what your project might look like before you even put pen to paper. Your vision was part of your initial concept; perhaps it was the catalyst for your entire project. But maybe you lost sight of what you wanted your cover to look like. Or maybe you know exactly what you would like and you need someone to effectively translate it to the printed page. You may know what you like, and you may know how you envisioned it, but you may need the creative input and technical know-how to complete the picture.
Your book cover is the window to the soul of your book.

The book cover is critically important, which is why at Sea Hill Press we take great care in hearing what you have to say. Then we take the ball and run with it, working with you every step along the way.

Our creative team is comprised of visionaries with expert knowledge on print production. Our creative designers go to great lengths to bring an author’s vision to life on the printed page.

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