Seahill Marketing Strategy

Getting your book to its audience

Once your book is finished and edited, printed and packaged, there is one crucial factor that needs to happen: marketing.
Plain and simple, your book needs to get to its readers.
Too many authors leave this part to chance, and too many publishing firms leave the marketing to the author’s own devices, which can be disastrous. Without a solid marketing plan and implementation strategy, your book will be relegated to the bargain bins or only viewed on Google or when you type in the exact title.
This would be a travesty, and a waste of all your efforts—your time, your money, your energy.
Enter Sea Hill Press, ready to market and distribute your work with enthusiasm, creativity, and skill.
We have a marketing department too, and we can take the reins to ensure your book generates the buzz it deserves. From your book launch to your well-planned Google campaign to your ongoing marketing initiatives, we strive to keep your book from withering on the vine. Your success is always on our front burner. Are you starting to spot a trend here? By now, you’re probably beginning to realize what Sea Hill Press can do for you.
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