The Studio: Think of us as your on-call production department

“Thank you for all your guidance, support and efforts in helping us transform our manuscript into a book. it has truly been an incredible journey for us, and we’re grateful to have had you and your team lighting our way on this journey.”

—Dana Gionta, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

You’ve probably already done it: imagined of a group of people working with you, and all of them on the same page, helping fill in the creative blanks and taking the initiative to come up with brilliant ideas that suit your vision perfectly.

This is what Sea Hill Press does every day. We’re a group of like-minded creative people, branding folks, designers, Mac operators, editors, illustrators, photographers—every design industry person you could ever need—working together to creatively fulfill your communication requirements. At Sea Hill Press, we are not only creative and supportive book designers but also the go-to people for your print and digital printing production.

“Please also thank for us all those who helped make our manuscript the ‘work of art’ it has become. It looks extraordinarily professional & polished, and I can’t wait to see it in print.” 

—Dana Gionta, PhD

Our team is dedicated to meeting your needs, whether your job is simple or complex. We’re like an accordion, expanding or contracting our service to meet your specific needs at any given time. We balance the needs of your company, your budget, and your deadline to achieve the results you desire. You have the power, the creative control, and the vision to move your company forward. And now you can have a team of people to help you complete your creative circle. We work hard to meet your schedule, and we genuinely care about your success. We offer one central contact, yet we share ideas and work cooperatively. We can serve you as individuals, as a team, or even as your entire freelance production department.

Telephone (877) 397- 0005.
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