The Risleys: Our Concrete Foundations in Mt Dora


Author: Floyd Risley

Sea Hill Press

Pub date: April 1, 2021



ISBN: 978-1-937720-59-9

Floyd Sylvanus Risley has lived in Mount Dora most of his life. He was born there and will probably leave this world from Mount Dora, resting in the beautiful Mount Dora Cemetery next to his beloved parents. His history goes way back, and his delight in sharing it with you is evident in every page.

His goal is to share his family history, his roots in Mount Dora, and his father’s cement business that is still evident all over Mount Dora. His father, Carl Sylvanus Risley (1889–1968), laid the first sidewalks in Mount Dora. Carl Risley’s fence posts are still readily seen along the quaint streets of this historic town, and his distinct style of cement bricks are just about everywhere you look if you just know what to look for. There isn’t a street in the Mount Dora historic district that hadn’t been impacted by Carl Risley’s cement business.

His father’s contribution to this town mustn’t be forgotten, and Floyd tries very hard to get that feeling across in this book. Anyone who has met Floyd is forever changed. His love of life, man, and God is contagious. The spirit he freely pours out on every individual he meets will make you want to be a better person. He is a humble man, not boastful of his accomplishments but proud of his family’s past. To hear the pride in his voice as he calmly tells of his family’s impact to the world is soul cleansing.


Floyd S. Risley received his bachelor of science degree in business administration and master of science degree in marketing from Florida State University. His extensive retailing career included serving as a corporate internal consultant with J. C. Penney Company and World Headquarters of the Army and Air Force Exchange Service. Mr. Risley has been a college recruiter and training director, developer of corporate automated personnel management data systems, Director of Store Organization Planning Division and presented Corporate Manpower Condition reports to the Board of Directors. He also conducted American Management Association workshops with counterpart-executives from the top fifty national corporations across the country.

He is a veteran of the Korean War, serving his country in Korea and Japan as a Supply Officer and as an Inspector General Team Chief. He retired as a Major with twenty-four years of commissioned service.

Mr. Risley has been married to his wife, Sondra, for sixty-five years (as of 2020) and has two grown sons, nine grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.


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